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Sales Specialist


Sladja is here to assist you as you make one of the biggest decisions of your life. She is an expert Realtor who truly cares. As a working mother, Sladja understands that buying a property is about so much more than real estate. It means creating a new home, feeling financially secure and investing in your future. Sladja will provide guidance as you make educated decisions that not only help you manage and protect your investment but give you comfort that you made the best decision for yourself and your family. 

High in integrity and always accessible, Sladja listens diligently to her client's needs and works relentlessly to find properties and close the deal for both buyers and sellers. Sladja loves the diversity of both the people and properties in Massachusetts and is committed to helping increase homeownership rates in the greater Boston area. More than that, Sladja loves being part of the home-buying experience and helping families and first-time home buyers achieve their goal of homeownership.

Let Sladja be your house detective! She brings a unique background as a private investigator, where she developed strong communication and research skills. She knows how to dig into the facts and will leave no stone unturned for you as her client. In the last 6 years as a Realtor in the Great Boston area, Sladja has built her business with the sale of 100+ homes. 

She was born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina and has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and an associate degree in Criminal Justice. In her time outside of real estate, Sladja enjoys spending time with her husband, 7-year-old son, and 1,5 years old daughter, hiking, reading, painting, and doing yoga. Socializing with her friends, trying new restaurants, and traveling is what feeds Sladja's thirst for adventure.  

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